Foothills County taxpayers could be left on the hook for uncollected taxes at the old Mazeppa Gas Plant site.

Reeve Delilah Miller says the plant site has been remediated and the operator Lexan has moved on, so the land now belongs to the province and its willing to sell.

"That land was owned and operated by Lexan and of course we know Lexan disappeared and Foothills County got left holding the bag on quite a hefty tax bill," she says.

Miller says the province has some funds tied up in the remediation of the land, but the county is also owed back taxes.

"Currently we have left on the tax roll $126,542 and what's been written off has been to the tune of $958,000 so we still have a lot of funds that we would like to recoup from any sales proceeds of that land."

The province is under no obligation to give a portion of the sales price back to the county.

Nonetheless the county's written to Service Alberta to get some compensation for that $900,000 that's been written off although she admits it will up to the province to decide how much they may or may not get.

The buyer would have to pay the $126,542 still on the tax roll.