Alberta country music star Corb Lund is again speaking out against coal mining in the province.

Lund has been a vocal opponent of coal mining in Alberta’s eastern slopes since January of 2021, echoing concerns from area residents and other Albertans.

Earlier this week, in a video posted to his social media accounts, Lund directly addressed nominees in the UCP leadership race, 

“The government would like you to think that the coal issue in Alberta has been dealt with and has been put to bed, and it very much has not been. All the indications I’ve seen and heard are that the foreign coal companies are working in the background, biding their time, trying to get those mines in whether the Alberta public wants it or not.”

Lund reiterated past criticism of open pit mines in the province, including concerns over potential damage to ecosystems, limited jobs for Albertans, and negligible net gain by the province.

“Politicians like to make things complicated to leave themselves loopholes, right? They like studies and they like reports and they like recommendations, but I want to know in plain English, are you or are you not in favour of any new coal mines or expansion of existing coal mines in Alberta?”

A few candidates responded directly on Twitter.

Rajan Sawhney posted a link to her campaign website, where a page is dedicated to her pledge to implement the recommendations of Alberta's Coal Policy Committee.

Travis Toews’ response also referred to the committee’s recommendations, saying he’d ensure a greater role in First Nations consultation, and “making sure that closed mines are reclaimed properly.”

Brian Jean expressed concerns over Alberta's watershed and provided a link to a 2021 column he penned regarding Alberta’s coal controversy.

Lund’s video comes the same week a multi-billion dollar lawsuit was filed against the provincial government by Atrum Coal Ltd. over alleged damages.