A big congratulations to Leticia for being our first weekly winner for 'Summer Shedtacular powered by Rona Black Diamond'!

After guessing one of the mystery sounds right, (a socket wrench), she qualified to win a Hydro-Force™ Steel Pro Max Frame Pool Set, 10-ft x 30-in from Canadian Tire High River!


Swimming pool from Canadian Tire High River.

Let's just say when I called her she was pretty speechless! (Listen below)

Make sure you're tuning in next week for your chance to win! Every morning @ 7:40 we'll give you a mystery sound - if you call in and guess it right, you're qualifying to win a weekly prize. 

If you guess wrong, you're winning a free car wash from Dreams Eco Xpress! 

And next week (July 18 - 22nd) we're giving away a Cruiser Bike! So make sure to tune in.

Call in, guess right and get qualified to win and remember we also have our 'Summer Shedtacular powered by Rona Black Diamond' GRAND PRIZE that you can enter to win on our website.

Click here to enter.