How about that Jason Glass?

Down and out after Saturday's races, where he took a five second penalty for knocking over a barrel, the High River chuckwagon driver has stormed back to claim a spot in the top eight thanks to a pair of epic runs this week.

He set a new track record Sunday, finished sixth Monday and then broke his own track record again Tuesday night to claim the top day money, but more importantly jump all the way from 16th in the aggregate to seventh.

High River's Jordie Fike continues to move up, as he was 17th on the night and sits 16th in the aggregate.

But penalties have been his achilles heel.

Take away the three seconds in outrider related penalties over the first five nights, and Fike would be sitting right behind Glass in eighth spot.

Okotoks Mark Sutherland was 26th Tuesday night, and dropped a couple of spots overall to sit 13th, a little less than two seconds behind his dad Kelly Sutherland who's holding down eighth spot in the aggregate.

Kurt Bensmiller continues to hold down top spot in the aggregate, followed by Mike Vigen, Vern Nolin, Colt Cosgrave, Jamie Laboucane, Logan Gorst, Glass and Kelly Sutherland.

The top eight wagons will duke it out on semi-final Saturday with a shot at Sunday's "Dash for Cash" final on the line.