The Livingstone-Macleod riding has another potential UCP candidate.

Don Whalen, a pastor from Claresholm, announced he'd be seeking the nomination via Facebook on Sunday (Nov. 20).

"My hope is to help make our riding and our province a place where personal freedoms and rights are cherished and protected, where families can grow and flourish, and where the welfare of our province is sought first and foremost. I believe every Albertan should have a voice with their elected representatives, even if it is an opposing view. This is essential for a free, democratic society to function properly. I will be expanding on this at a later date," reads his announcement post.

He also says he's currently seeking signatures for nomination.

The riding has drawn attention in the last month after two potential candidates dropped from the running.

Sitting MLA Roger Reid announced he wouldn't be seeking re-election in early November.

Around the same time, Nadine Wellwood's candidacy was rejected by the UCP board, as was her appeal.

Kevin Van Tighem will be officially nominated as the riding's NDP candidate at their meeting Wednesday, Nov. 23.