For the past few months we've been hooking people up with coffee cards if we catch them listening to the Eagle 100.9.

It's 'You've Been Caught Listening' all thanks to your friends over at Xplornet and it's been so fun!

This one was really special for us because Christina and her family have been long time listeners so we were happy we got to treat her at work but she's also been a huge help to the families who sadly lost their homes in a fire just ten days ago. 

So it was nice to surprise her with a small gesture of kindness for everything she has been doing. 

Check it out below! 

And hey, if you see us out and about let us know that you tune in to the Eagle 100.9 and you could be winning some coffee cards! 

And always keep that dial locked in for your best chance to WIN!

~ Shayne