Rural RCMP have had their hands full dealing with a run on catalytic converters.

High River Cst. Jill Kingdon-Mills says its best if you can park in a garage or on a well lit part of the street to keep an eye out for the thieves.

"If they see any problems with their vehicle or more specifically hear any problems with their vehicle because when the catalytic converter's removed my understanding is it can be a bit louder," she says.

Thieves recently hit Nanton and Claresholm looking for the much sought after vehicle part.

Alberta Auto Glass and Accessories in Claresholm was hit Friday January 21 when a catalytic converter was taken from a 2012 Ford Econoline van.

RCMP were called out to the Nanton U-Haul Jan 13 for a report of a theft of a catalytic converter.

It had been removed from a U-Haul truck sometime the night before.

RCMP had dealt with thefts there before on two previous occasions in December of 2021.


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