Due to safety concerns, Health Canada is proposing a complete phase out of the popular insecticide Lambda-cyhalothrin, also known as Matador.

The product is used to control pests such as flea beetles, cutworms, bertha army worms, and diamond back moths.

Brian Innes , vice president of government relations with the Canola Council of Canada, is hoping the Pest Management Regulatory Agency reconsiders its decision.

"This product in particular is quite valuable for growers in that it controls quite a wide variety of pests that attack canola," he commented. "Losing this product would be a serious concern for canola growers and for the industry as a whole."

Innes notes its important for Canada to align its regulations with other countries such as the U.S., due to the large amount of canola that is exported.

The proposed re-evaluation of Matador is open for comment until September 21st. Innes says the Canola Council of Canada and the Canadian Canola Growers Association will be making a submission about the importance of the product to the industry.


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