Mattea Roach is the most successful Canadian of all time on Jeopardy!.

While she currently hails from Toronto she also has a local connection to the Webber Academy in Calgary.

Roach attended the academy for grades one through four.

Current Academy teacher and spelling bee coach Geri Meisinger says she loved to read.

"One of the librarians that worked when she was at the school commented that Mattea was always in the library, always looking for books, always looking for something to read. So, that is probably just a huge sign of someone who is just thirsty for knowledge."

Meisinger who also looks after the spelling bee says Roach qualified for the grades four to eight spelling bee when she was only in grade four and finished eighth overall.

"The kids who participate in spelling bee come out with so many more skills than just spelling...perseverance, determination.  That skill set and that background knowledge she has gained is just incredible."

Roach currently holds the Canadian record for longest winning streak at 23 wins.

And she barely won her twenty-third game as she entered Final Jeopardy with $13,000 while her opponent had $22,600.  The final topic was 20th century cinema with the clue being "A black and white newsreel in this film beings: 'In Xanadu did Kubla Khan a stately pleasure dome decree."  And the correct answer, always in the form of a question, was "What is Citizen Kane?"

You can watch the dramatic moment here.

She also sits fifth overall in the history of Jeopardy! and is also fifth overall with winnings.

Roach has now amassed $560,983.00 US or approximately $720,105.00 Cdn over the 23 days she's been on the television program.