There is a high pollen count in the Calgary region today.

Pollen from conifer trees in the area is filling the air, giving the region a high pollen forecast level.

There currently are between 81 and 200 grains per cubic metre of air, where a low pollen risk is between 1 and 20 grains per cubic metre.

There is also a moderate level of fungal spores (mould) in the air.

A low risk is between 1 and 1000 grains per cubic metre, but currently, there ARE between 1001 and 2500 grains per cubic metre.

Both the pollen and mould forecast levels are figured out from sample collections taken from 32 local reporting stations across Canada, and their forecasts are based on the actual number of particles in the air.

The pollen risk is anticipated to drop to moderate on Thursday.

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