Taber High School students will be given the opportunity to learn about farm safety at a workshop, October 13.

Luree Williamson, CEO of Agriculture for Life, says students will learn how to incorporate safety habits into their everyday routines on the farm.

"Whether they live on a farm, visit farms, or they work on a farm, it gives them an opportunity to really learn about a lot of the hazards that they may encounter, and working with their peers, they can ask questions with safety experts and take in a lot of information."

According to the Injury Prevention Centre, each year in Alberta there are an average of eight deaths among adults age 15-59, with 94 perfect being work related. Top causes of death included being pinned or struck by a machine, and machine related rollovers.

When the Grade 10-12 students finish the workshop, they will gain their AGR 3000 credit, which is needed to complete the very popular Green Certificate Program.

"It gives a little bit more hands on learning to the component, which we really like. It allows the students to come out, ask questions, and have that first hand experience and learn about a number of different safety topics, where learning online, you may not be exposed to as many topics."

Agriculture for Life is hosting the workshop in partnership with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, and Lethbridge College.


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