As part of Emergency Preparedness Week, the Town of High River is planning a test.

Fire Chief Cody Zebedee says if you're in town you'll hear it.

"On Wednesday (May 3) it's one of our loud siren tests and basically what that does it just allows us to go through the whole entire system from top to bottom and make sure that everything's communicating and everything's functioning appropriately as it should," he says. "It's part of the testing that we do on the siren, we also do our quiet tests, but the loud test ensures that the sirens rotate appropriately, even sound appropriately and everything is communicating before we get into our hazard season.

The Town has two sirens.

One is at the fire hall on 5 Street and the other is by the community garden in the northwest part of High River.

The alarm will sound at 1:55 p.m.