Turner Valley Mayor Barry Crane is officially running to be mayor of Diamond Valley.

At the moment, he's the only mayoral candidate.

With less than a week before the cut-off date of Oct. 31, it may seem like an 11th-hour decision, but Crane says it probably won't come as a shock to most people.

"I've verbally been telling people my intentions, so I think most people knew I was, it's just a matter of doing paperwork."

Crane hopes to lead council through the amalgamation and into Diamond Valley's first years, hopefully alongside many of the councillors who facilitated the amalgamation.

"We brought amalgamation forward, we got it to this point. Really I see this as 'let's finish the promises of amalgamation and see them to their fruition. So there's three years left in the term, and I think we will be fully engaged with the public, administration, and council in seeing the direction and the branding of the new community of Diamond Valley and really seaming all the parts that need to get seamed.

"There's a huge support for the councillors who've been doing the work they've been doing, and I hope to be one of those who are carried forward in the new community of Diamond Valley. I think it's a very exciting time for our communities. I've never ever seen a border between the two, and that's why I think I'm a good candidate to represent Diamond Valley."

There are currently 10 candidates for council, six of whom will serve as Diamond Valley's first-ever town council.

The election is to take place on Nov. 28.