A badger was recently spotted at the High River Skate Park.

The Town of High River issued a warning to leave the badger alone and to respect your distance.

If seen, DO NOT APPROACH! Give it space and call the Town's 24 hour Bylaw phoneline: 403-603-3643. Alberta Fish & Wildlife have also been advised.

This badger may be a female with a den and young. This means she will have a more cranky badger attitude than usual. Badgers can be aggressive if harassed or cornered. When threatened they will hiss, back up and show their teeth. Please ensure dogs are on a leash and make sure children are advised. You will know a badger by it's distinctive striped face and large size.

Badgers love to eat groundhogs and gophers but it's unusual to see them in urban areas. They are usually active from dusk to dawn.

We share High River with some pretty wild neighbours!

Did you know that badgers are an important part of the ecosystem? Their tunnels are homes for burrowing owls and their digging loosens the earth allowing moisture to seep in. Most of all, badgers EAT pesky rodents, gophers and groundhogs!

Be careful of the area as well because a company is currently trying to rid the area of Richardson ground squirrels, aka gophers, over the next few days.

Skate Park in High RiverSkate Park in High River