Street pastor Artur Pawlowski is out as the leader of the Independence Party of Alberta.

The party announced on Tuesday that they were cutting ties with him, saying he doesn't reflect their values and platform.

Pawlowski responded on his social media pages, saying the news was delivered to him on his 50th birthday and that the move was made by the board of directors "with a transgender secretary spearheading this attack."

According to Pawlowski, the board had previously requested that he didn't speak about his religion, anti-vaccine ideology, Rachel Notley, and Justin Trudeau.

After he refused, he was ejected by what he called a "censorial, top-down, controlling, corrupted, lying and tyrannical organization."

Pawlowski goes on to say that the party has been infiltrated because it has been growing too fast under his leadership over the last few months.

He grew a following during the pandemic for speaking out against COVID protocols, appearing at numerous "freedom rallies" including some in Okotoks.

Pawlowski recently appeared in court in Lethbridge relating to charges for breaching a release order, inciting protesters at the Coutts border crossing, and mischief.

The Independence Party currently had six nominated candidates for the upcoming provincial election, including Corrie Toone, who was recently announced to be running in Livingstone-Macleod.