The Alberta School of Fine Arts is celebrating a successful end to their production of Anne Of Green Gables that had performances the majority of last week.

One of the characters Marilla Cuthbert played by Haley Gray says the show was a huge hit with the performers and those that were in attendance for the shows.

"It was excellent, everybody pulled together and played it very well, I'm very proud of my cast," she says. "We've all worked very hard ever since September, we've been at school everyday after school until 5:30 and also on Saturdays, it really paid off and a couple of standing ovations always makes you feel good."

Gray says there was a ton of work involved in the production and not just acting.

"There was a lot of fundraising that was involved, we did a lot of script work in to it, we wrote down our motivation and we wanted out of the show just to make it that much more authentic."

Kelly Goutis was the director for the show and Gray says her work with the show on a bigger stage helped the cast perform their roles to their absolute potential.

"She actually stage managed a production of it when Theatre Calgary did it so we were able to borrow a lot of their costumes to make it very authentic," she says. "I think the school choose the play based on the talent that they had within the program already so they kind of knew who they wanted to cast a little bit before the show started I think."

The drama department will gearing up for another production this coming semester.

For a deeper look into the show click on the link here.

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