Wow, we had so many entries for 'Post Your Pet with Xplornet' and all of them were truly winners! 

You guys have some pretty picture-worthy pets and we're so happy you shared them with us!

It was unbelievably hard to pick just ONE winner so to have some fun we thought we'd pick some honorable mentions before we announce the top pet pic.

Without further are some Honorable Mentions. (pictures below)

- Alesha's pet axolotl, how cute! 

- Alyssa's border collies, what a great picture, hey?

- Tammy's horse Teddy! What a goofball.

- Lori's cute little gentleman; Freddy.

- Maria's cat; Joe Spade...if that's not the coolest name I don't know what is. Also we can relate to Joe. 

- Marsha's pup rockin' the Flames jersey...that's how we'll look if they don't win game 5 tonight!

- Megan's darling bull dog, a face of royalty! 

- Tammy's, cooler than us, doggo. 

- Tracy's incredibly photogenic pup, Hudson. Like this dog needs to be a model. I'll be contacting your photographer for my next shoot. 

And without further ado....your 'Post Your Pet with Xplornet' winner:


Shawna and her chicken Buzz.

Congrats Shawna! (Listen below for her winning phone call.) And thanks to everyone who participated in our contest and let us see their adorable pets! We had a blast! 

And again, huge shout out to our friends over at Xplornet for hooking our winner up with a tablet!

They could hook you up with some home internet, as they're now faster, fixed wireless home Internet from $59.99 per month. Check them out!

~ Shayne