A new $500,000 gift will support environmental projects on farms and ranches in Southern Alberta.

Last Tuesday in Calgary, ALUS Canada announced the Bissett Action Fund, which is a donation from Alberta philanthropist David Bissett.

ALUS is a charity which provides funding for producers to put towards projects such as wetland restoration, buffer zones around crop lands, and wild-life friendly fences which keep cattle out of streams to protect water quality.

CEO of ALUS, Bryan Gilvesy, says Bissett has a deep and abiding respect for farmers and ranchers.

"Mr. Bissett's money was distributed through ten community partnerships into 39 producer's hands, where they did 186 individual projects totalling 958 acres. Those acres will now produce cleaner air, cleaner water, and more biodiversity for the benefit of all Albertans."

Gilvesy says, farmers are no longer producing just food and fibre, and they are producing other elements important to Albertans and the environment.

"Our organization believes farmers and ranchers have much more to offer society than their currently given credit for. I think between the two sentiments, you get to a place where you understand that the producers in Alberta are very relevant to the conversations that are going on, and important pieces if we want to fix what's wrong environmentally."

The projects are located south of Edmonton, between the County of Vermillion River to the east, and Lac Ste. Anne County and Parkland County to the west.

Gilvesy says to get involved in an ALUS project, ALUS has to be in the municipality where you live. ALUS is growing rapidly in Alberta, so he says to be patient if they are not yet in your community.


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