As of August 29, 18 percent of crops have been harvested in Alberta.

Mark Cutts, Crop Specialist with the Ag Info Centre, says harvest is about 10 percent ahead of the five year average for this time of year.

"The reason we're that far ahead is simply because the South is way ahead of schedule. The South as of the 29th, was at 52 percent combined, and the five year average is 22 percent."

Even though Southern Alberta is so far ahead because of dry conditions, other regions are just getting started.

"There probably is some combining going on in most regions of the Province, and the South is certainly the lions share of it. As we move forward, if the weather remains good for the next couple of weeks, I think we'll start to see more harvested acres coming from more regions of the Province."

Cutts says, the moisture patterns we've seen around Alberta this summer will remain the same moving into the fall.


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