Albertans are getting a break on the price at the gas pump.

Premier Jason Kenney says the government is going to stop collecting the provincial fuel tax, meaning a drop of 13 cents a litre.

"This will apply to gasoline and diesel including marked fuel," he says "This massive tax relief is a response to skyrocketing costs at the pump and is going to provide Albertans with the relief that they need when the cost of everything is going up."

Kenney explained it'll be done on a sliding scale, so when West Texas Intermediate crude is over $90 a barrel the tax disappears and when it drops below $80 it'll be back to protect the province's budget because as gas prices increase government revenues rise.

The premier wasn't done there.

"On top of the fuel tax, we'll also provide relief to families and small businesses struggling with the high cost of electricity. Alberta families who have consumed less than 250 MW hours or electricity, and that's almost all households, they'll receive a $150 rebate on their bills for this past winter," he says.

"We'll take action as soon as possible to introduce legislation and get this done, it may take a bit of time for Albertans to actually receive the rebate because we have to work with over 45 energy providers in the province, but rest assured this relief is coming."

Premier Kenney earlier felt if the Province moved on the fuel tax it would be undone by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the planned federal carbon tax hike due April 1.

However, Kenney says he decided to move forward now because Albertans simply need the relief.