The Ag Transport Coalition has released its  review of railway service performance for the 2014/15 grain year.

The report tracks railway performance from the customer's perspective, providing measurements help supply chain stakeholders make business decisions and are the basis for government action.

The report covers rail car demand, timeliness of railway car supply and corridor performance.  

The figures for the 2014/15 grain year indicate that weekly supply of railcars is highly variable and timeliness of delivery was also an issue, with CN and CP supplying 62% and 36% of cars ordered by shippers in the week in which they were ordered.  

The delays and unpredictability in delivery has an impact on the performance of Canada's reputation as a consistent and reliable supplier of grain as each ordered railcar indicates there is farmer's grain to move and a customer expecting delivery in a timely manner.

The Ag Transport Coalition will continue to focus on measuring weekly railcar delivery.  

Performance data for 2015/16 will cover more than 90% of grain traffic in Canada using data collection services of QGI Consulting.

The 2014/15 report can be found on the Ag Transport Coalition website