There'll be a lot of visitors to High River taking in this Sunday's Show and Shine.

While there they can get a taste of the art that's available.

Author Joyce Pallister-Bronsch says it'll be a great way to show off.

"I appreciate the fact that we're having all this excitement in one weekend here and I know the Balloons bring a lot of people and so does the car show so we just thought that we would promote all the talent that is in our community, it's amazing," she says.

Pallister-Bronsch has written three books about our western roots with tales of brand inspectors while they did their work early in the 20th century.

"There's stories there that they had to pay a dollar to renew their brand every year and (they'd say) 'They couldn't afford it this year but I'm sending you 50 cents to renew my brand and I'll send the other 50 cents as soon as I can get it', that's kind of hard to realize in today's world but it's interesting to think what those forefathers went through just to keep their brand for their cattle."

There are tales of some famous and infamous characters in her books as well.

"E.C. Johnson who worked at the Bar U Ranch, he ended up marrying the cook who came to look after Mrs. Stimson, so it ends up that E.C. Johnson got married and his best man was the Sundance Kid, Harry Longabaugh, so you can't get much further than that because they do know that the Sundance Kid worked at the Bar U Ranch, I think he probably signed his name in the wood work there somewhere," she says.

She and fellow author Diane Baker and her picture puzzle books will be out in front of Highwood Gallery and Gifts Sunday.