When the 2015/2016 Alberta Midget Hockey League season opens in the fall, one team will have a new name.

The long-time UFA Bisons out of Strathmore will now be known as the CFR Chemicals Bisons for the distant future.

This comes off the heels of the herd's run to the Telus Cup and a Pacific Regional Championship.

UFA decided to end its sponsorship with the team at the end of the season which opened the door for CFR Chemicals.

Bisons General Manager Wayne Hansen says CFR is a great fit for the program.

"We got together and started talking and we realized their corporate values and our association values are pretty much aligned," he says.

With the new name comes with some old habits of saying the correct one at times, and Hansen says even for himself it'll be a transition.

"CFR Chemicals realizes that people are going to short cut it," he says. "We understand that eventually that we are going to be the CFR Bisons, even though in the logo it will be the word chemicals, it really will become the CFR Bisons."

When asked if the team's colours or logo would change with the new sponsorship, Hansen says everything will be the same as before except the full name.

"That's always been the bison logo so really gonna stay with that, the logo is gonna stay on the front of jersey," he says. "I just ordered them this morning."

The Bisons have had a busy summer already as they've replaced retiring coach Dan McDonald with former Calgary Buffaloes Head Coach Adam Redmond over the weekend.

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