A wind warning has been issued by Environment Canada.

We're looking at a very gusty wind tomorrow (Oct. 27) in Southern Alberta.

Meteorologist with Environment Canada Terri Lang says it's a good idea to secure items that can get blown around.

"Something to keep an eye on and maybe secure your Halloween decorations and that type of thing so they don't end up in your neighbour's yard," she says. "But when you're driving too, keep in mind especially if you're driving a high profile vehicle  the winds can really significantly impact you as you're driving, you know we've seen lots of semi-trailers being affected by the winds as they blow, especially as you get closer to the foothills."

Wind gusts are expected to hit 90 kilometres an hour in some areas

"Most of the trees and such are kind of used to the winds, especially the closer you get to the foothills, if you look at the trees all of the branches are point in one direction and that's not an error, that's not random, that's because of the strong wind are omnipresent there."

The wind should die down late Thursday and into Friday.