Some big safety changes are expected on Highway 2 east of Okotoks.

The median at Highway 2 and 338 Avenue will be closed, pushing more Okotoks traffic north on the 2A forcing Alberta Transportation and Foothills Country to look at remedies.

Reeve Delilah Miller says a traffic circle does have an advantage over traffic lights at the Mill Store intersection.

"Our concern as a county, with all that traffic going north toward Hebson Arena north of Okotoks there'll be a huge pinch point and it was good to hear that Alberta Transportation agrees with us on that, their studies all show that, all their technical information so they're fully aware that that's going to be a real pinch point in there," she says.

"We're looking at solutions and we're open and have been talking about different ones, perhaps putting in traffic lights but I think we may have a better solution that's somewhat interim, to put in a nice, large traffic circle in there just to keep traffic moving because it gets so heavy and as Okotoks continues to build out it'll put a lot more pressure on our roads, especially some of our internal roads to the north of Okotoks."

Work to close off the meridian is expected next year.

Miller says a bridge project in Priddis has been put off for a while but hopes it'll make Alberta Transportation's priority list in the not-too-distant future.