'A Number Of Things To Do In Okotoks' is still a trend when it comes to advertisements on the C-Train.

After last year's social media blow up on Twitter, Facebook and even making national news sites, the Town's Economic Development team was at it again feeding of it's momentum and came up with another slogan that's slowly making it's rounds on the worldwide web.

With an ad that simply says 'There Are Still A Number Of Things To Do... Seriously" appearing the Town hopes to bring more tourism and interest to them.

Economic Development Specialist Alexandra Ross says the campaign and ad this year was all part of the plan.

"We wanted to build on last year's fantastic campaign with our slogan that became quite famous even though it was considered boring but it's no so boring anymore," she says. "So there's a recognition effect for the visitors and people reading it."

She believes the current strategy will bring more new tourists in but also expand on what the Town has to offer all year round.

"Hopefully people will come and check out Okotoks and our website and see what Okotoks is all about. We're not only a place to visit and have fun in but also we're also a place to do business in."

Ross says so far the ad campaign has had some positive reviews from visitors to Okotoks.

"It gives us the feedback that we want to hear and the attention that we want so that people are getting interest into what is Okotoks all about and what are really all the number of things to do?"

If you're looking for something new to do in Okotoks follow the link here.

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