We're in for a bit of a roller coaster weather-wise this weekend.

Environment and Climate Change Canada meteorologist Sara Hoffman says an Alberta clipper Saturday morning will bring some heavy snowfall to the mountain parks and to the east during the day and into the evening.

"Once that Alberta clipper has left the province by Sunday evening, we have an area of cold air sinking in behind it from the north bringing some cooler than normal temperatures," she says.

We could see all four seasons in one day Saturday.

Hoffman says it may feel a bit like summer in the morning, spring and fall in the afternoon and a return to winter in the evening.

After that we're into some cold weather.

"To start off the week we're expecting a few flurries through the area spreading about a skiff of snow each time so it's possible to see a few centimetres after this weekend's snowfall but we're not expecting that snowfall to be as much as on the weekend," Hoffman says.

From Sunday through Wednesday, we can expect highs in the minus double digits.