One rare find in the automobile world has a new home after a record-breaking sale a few weeks ago.

You may have heard of the DeLorean from the Back To The Future franchise in the 80s, but there was a Canadian equivalent of the car in almost the exact same design and purpose: to be a "safe" sports car.

The Bricklin SV-1, made in New Brunswick, had a short life on the production line much like the DeLorean, but is still a rare find to add to anyone's car collection.

Recently one was sold at over $30,000 at the 41st Okotoks Collector Car Auction, a new Okotoks record. It belonged to Davis Edels before the big bid.

He says he'll miss the car, but still has a couple of toys he can drive that have a little bit better of a warranty on them than the Bricklin.

"I have a Mercedes Gull Wing," Edels says. "A newer one that is a lot of fun to run around and it does have a warranty. I'm in a hold pattern. I don't need anything right now, if anything, [I] keep disposing of cars."

Edels says he's had a couple of fun adventures, but also compared the differences between the Bricklin and the DeLorean, which he also used to own and sold recently.

"A big old American muscle car," he says. "The DeLorean, size-wise, wasn't all that much smaller, but it was lighter. It was a much smaller engine. It drove like a European car."

Before the auction even began, Edels had potential buyers for the Bricklin who wanted him to sell it privately. Edels raised the bar by simply saying "if you want a deal, you'd better ready to pay for it like anyone else at an auction".

"I started to get a little tired of answering that question, so then I said 'well I'd like to get it for a world record price', never, ever dreaming that would happen."

But, it did.

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