The effort to have a mural commemorating the life of local musician Mel Wilson continues.

Elaine Schow says some old friends are getting together Saturday April 1st. to have some fun, play some tunes and raise some money.

"On April1st. Donna and Kyla are doing a jam at Sally's and so there's a $20 cover charge and all the money's going to go to the Mural for Melvin and so we're really grateful and pleased about that, Donna was a longtime friend of Melvins," she says.

Gitters Pub was just across the street from Mel's Music, Mel Wilson's music store and his home above the shop.

"It's a great way to get out and share some memories of Melvin and listen to some live music and be able to contribute, It's a Gitters reunion, that's exactly it."

Organizers hope to raise $12,500 for the mural.

So far the gofundme is just under $6,000.