Alberta Education has approved a boundary change that impacts the Foothills School Division.

Superintendent Chris Fuzessy says the local division has lost some land at the north end.

"It's an ongoing challenge, as the city of Calgary continues to grow they make applications to Alberta Education to have portions of what is Foothills County become Calgary Board of Education boundaries as opposed to Foothills School Division boundaries, " he says. "It makes it a little bit difficult for us because in this particular boundary adjustment we have buses going four or five kilometres into the city of Calgary to access pockets of land that are still part of Foothills School Division or Foothills County, but don't have direct access routes outside of the city of Calgary."

He says they do have the ability to have buses go into the area but would prefer some more communication.

"I guess my comment on this, perhaps a little bit more collaboration leading up to those decisions would put us in a better space," Fuzessy says.

While they will adhere to the decision he says it makes for some challenging planning for transportation.