The Longview 4-H Beef Club Show and Sale brought its donation steer to High River Monday and the High River District Health Care Foundation walked away a winner.

Ross Lewis with the club, says the kids in 4-H take a lot of pride in their work each year.

"I think it just comes back to a bunch oUr rural kids, raised the right way, they're excited to be part of something and part of feeding the world is what it is and man they work hard, they did a heck of a job this year," he says.

The steer, Sir Loin, was bought originally for $32,585 and then was donated back when Transcend LLC and Steven Muth brought the steer for $43,405 going to the health care foundation.

Lewis says they have a couple of kids who've been members of the club for nine or ten years now.

He says they have four to six new kids coming in and only a couple who'll age out.

He says this year's group of finished steers was the best he's seen making it a real challenge for the judges.

In total 25 steers were sold at the event Monday at the High River Ag Grounds with many new and repeat buyers.