It's been a different kind of year, coming out of the pandemic for the most part.

President of the Sheppard Family Park Society in High River, Carol Knox says they had a really good 2022.

"We were really busy this year, we clocked over 2,700 hours of volunteer time up to date since our annual meeting last March, we had a very successful Heritage Day, the Olde Time Threshing Day as well, we had a good school program running with over 260 children over May and June coming to the old-time schoolhouse," Knox says. "We had a re-dedication of the (Ruth) McCoy cabin and a lot of people who had volunteered over the years were invited to be a part of that.

She says they also took part in Rotary's Garden Tour of nine gardens including the perennial garden at the park.

She says the Monroe Barn and the park have been booked regularly for weddings and anniversaries and celebrations of life.

"We also had a summer student this summer who assisted with many tours and did promotional materials for the park and many tourists came wandering in and were able to be escorted through the various buildings and learn about the park's history, so we're really pleased about that and we're hoping we can get some grants for next year to do the same thing," she says.

The Community Garden was used by 36 households and one man, Knox says, donated 1,250 pounds of potatoes to the Food Bank.

Ruth McCoy's root cellar is still on the property and continues to do its job well.

Knox is hoping for an even better year in 2023.