Trees that were lost to the 2013 flood or flood remediation projects in High River are being replaced.

The Town's already hired a firm to do the work and now Mayor Craig Snodgrass says another 86 trees have been added to the list.

There's some concern about bank erosion on the south side of the Highwood river near the Mercer-Hughes lands.

"We just want to make sure that when they put those trees in they're not going to be washed out in a year because there's significant erosion out of that bank every year that we have to deal with properly at some time sooner rather than later," he says.

The contract for the work was awarded to 5 Star Trees Ltd. for just under $231,000, before the additional trees were added to the project.

According to information provided to council watering for the establishment of trees is typically a two year process, and as such, the Town will be responsible for watering beyond 2022.

That may put pressures on the Parks planting and watering budget depending on weather. 

Currently $32,000 per year is carried for tree replacement and watering.

A map of areas in High River where trees will be planted.