Turner Valley residents will see a very slight bump in their tax bills this year.

The Town passed both their Operating and Capital Budgets at Monday night's Council meeting.

Mayor Kelly Tuck says they worked hard to hold the line as much as they could.

"I think it works out to $6 a month for the average tax bill. So we really did try from the beginning of the budget process to where we are today. We did try to keep it down. We have things like the West End Sewage Commission, and we are moving utilities and we said that right from the beginning, where they were true costs, and putting them back where they belong."

Tuck says the Town also have to absorb extra costs for the library and FCSS among others, which was included in the budget.

The Operating Budget came in at $7,289,787 while the Capital Budget is a little heftier at $9,035,357 for 2016.

The vast majority of the money for those budgets will come from the Province who are still paying off flood damage and repairs from 2013.

The 2.5% increase does not include the education portion or the Foothills Foundation increases.

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