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A Brewed Awakening!

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It was a busy morning in Okotoks as the Eagle crew gave out free coffee as a part of our Brewed Awakening.

We handed out delicious free organic coffee thanks to Rebel Bean and Homeground in Elizabeth Street and free swag from Fountain Tire, Pho hoai and The Emporium of Impossible things in Okotoks!

Make sure to find us over the next 6 weeks all over Okotoks, our next outing is this Wednesday the 21st at 3.

I put a few of our happy customers in the gallery below

River City Classics Car Club Show and Shine

P1070541This 1979 Clenet was previously owned by singer Rod Stewart

High River was host to many events over the weekend including the 11th Annual River City Classics Car Club Show and Shine. Thousands of people swarmed downtown High River to check out a variety of new and old vehicles.

We captured these pictures from the weekend. If you were at the car show then you are probably in one of these pictures, don't worry it wont take as long to look at them as it did waiting for the 50/50 draw.

Okotoks Talent Fest

Some amazing homegrown talent of all ages will take the stage Saturday night (Sept 28).

Be sure to join me for the Okotoks Talent Fest. The show starts at 7pm at RPAC, 3 Elma Street, Okotoks. It's a free show and all ages are welcome.

I will be on hand as MC for the evening as well.

Okotoks Talent 1   Okotoks talent 2

Okotoks talent 3   Okotoks talent 4

The End of the Zeppelin ride

Led Zeppelin

Yesterday, September 25, marked 33 years since the passing of Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham. That tragic event is what ultimately led to the disbanding of one of the greatest rock bands in history.

John Bonham was such an integral part of the band that, upon his passing, the remaining three members decided there was no point in continuing. The band officially broke up three months after Bonham's death.

John's skill on the drums is without question. If you need proof, look no further than Four Sticks from the album Led Zeppelin IV.

Bonham, so the story goes, grew frustrated while laying down the track because of an odd time signature. In his frustration he picked up two sets of sticks and began pounding away, nailing it on the first take. The band re-titled the track "Four Sticks" and the rest is history.

In the years since John Bonham's passing the remaining members have resisted the idea of regrouping as Led Zeppelin. Although in recent years Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones have performed for various charitable causes together, even including Bonham's son Jason on drums in the line up. Obviously, without John Bonham, there will never truly be a Led Zeppelin reunion. Fans can only mark the passing of two of rock n' roll's greats...

John Bonham: May 31, 1948 - September 25, 1980

Led Zeppelin: October 1968 - December 1980

Sloan in Bragg Creek

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Today on the morning show we spoke with Chirs Murphy from the Canadian band Sloan! They are flying in to Calgary today and after two shows in Southern Alberta they make their way to Bragg Creek on Saturday!

Over the last 22 years, Juno and ECMA award winners Sloan have been a fixture of Canadian Rock. The group formed in Halifax in the early ’90s while attending University. All four members of Sloan write their own songs, each has their own distinctive voice and when they play live they switch instruments accordingly with each different song. With influences diverse as The Beatles, punk rock and AC/DC, the young band was signed within months of their creation. They can boast massive Canadian hits like “Money City Maniacs”, “Coax Me” and “Beverly Terrace”. Sloan recently released their coming of age album, Twice Removed.

Check out our full interview with Sloan's Chris Murphy

To get tickets to the show on Saturday, check out the Bragg Creek Performing Art Center braggcreekperformingarts.